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Users information

What does "torrent", "torrent-client", "seeder", "leecher", "peer" and tracker mean?
Torrent - file or folder, which someone has provided you.
Torrent client - software with which you download files from torrent trackers. Such programs are Bit Comet, Azureus, Utorrent.
Торент-файл - small file, which contains information, the torrent client needs, to make connection with the tracker.
Traker - site, where the users browse the offered information, description and from which they can download the torrent file.
Leecher - users, which are downloading torrents at the moment. Sometimes this term is also used to describe irresponsible user, who has downloades more then he has given
Seeder - after downloading the torrent 100%, your client starts to seed automaticaly.
Peers - total number of participants - seeders + leechers.

I registered, but I can't enter!
There shouldn't be any problem - check if you have filled correctly your username and password in the appropriate fields.

I forgot my username and/or password! Can you restore them??
We don't restore lost usernames and/or passwords. Create a new registration and white to the staff about the issue.

What is ratio?
This is the proportion(ratio) between uploaded and downloaded.
It is important to differentiate between total ratio and ratio for every separate torrent. Total ratio covers the downloaded - uploaded from the moment of your registration, the other coefficient is formed from the uploaded - downloaded ratio for each individual torrent.

Instead of ratio you might see the following notations: "Inf.", (Infinity), and it means that you have downloaded 0 bytes, but at the same time, your upload is different then zero; second notation is "---" (unavailable) and means, that you haven't uploaded and downloaded anything.

Какво става ако рейтинга ми падне под 1.0?
If your ratio falls below 1.0(your upload is lower then your download), the system will allow you to download only an additional 7.5GB before it prevents you from downloading any new torrents.
The higher class you become, the higher the additional(bounus) download will be. Look further down for more information on different classes.

How can I increase my ratio?
From above we saw and understood what ratio is and how it's formed. It's improving(increasing) can be done in several different ways:
1) Uploading new torrents.
2) Seeding your uploaded torrents.
3) Seeding your downloaded torrents.
4) Exchanging seedbonus points for upload. Here!

*Nornal users receive upload only by exchanging seedbonus for it. Their "real" upload is recorded and is automatically added to their total upload once they are promoted in class.

Why is my IP shown in my user details?
Only you and the staff can see that information, it is unreachable for anyone else.

I have a dynmamic IP address. What should I do to stay connected?
The system allows downloading only to clients with your IP address(last one you entered, the tracker, with). On any IP address change, you need to enter the site again so the system can update your IP with the new address.
Your statistics will update automatically and your upload / download will continue normally.

Why does it say that I am not connected? (the port is red and why should I be connected?)
The tracker has determined that you are behind a FireWall or NAT and you can't accept connection requests. To solve this problem, open your ports used for incomming connections(same as your options in your torrent client) in your firewall and/or set your NAT server. (Read the documentation of your router or write to the forum of the manifacturer). You can also find the necessary information at this address: PortForward

I can't enter the tracker!
1) Sometimes that problem can be caused by the cookies Delete your cookies and it should solve the issue.
2) Your account was deleted.

Reasons for deleting accounts.
1) Creating more then one account per user, unless there has been a letter to the staff within 24 hours.
2) Inactive newly registered account, more then 30 days(not logging in/downloading/uploading).
3) Inactive account. Not downloading/uploading more then 12 months. VIP and up are not deleted.

What are the different user classes in the tracker?
User Allowed difference downloaded-uploaded up to 7,5GB.
Can't see the list of files within a torrent.
Receive upload only by exchanging seedbonus for it. Their "real" upload is recorded and is automatically added to their total upload once they are promoted in class.
Power User Allowed difference downloaded-uploaded up to 15GB.
Can see the list of files within a torrent. Recieve upload by exchanging for seedbonus as well as normal seeding.
Uploader Allowed difference downloaded-uploaded up to 30GB.
VIP Allowed difference downloaded-uploaded up to 60GB.
Moderator Can edit user profiles and torrents.
Monitor forum posts and torrent comments.
No upload and download limits.
Administrator Can do anything.
SysOp Site owner.

How does someone inrease their class?
User Everyone receives this class uppon signup.
Power User You must have at least 200GB upload.
When you meet this condition, after verifying your account, you will be promoted.
Uploader Everyone who wants can receive this class. After 1 month of inactivity, this class will be lost. The class can be restored, minimum after 6 months.
VIP This rank is given to people who contribute something to the development of tracker. This class can't be applied for. The staff will decide who deserves to receive it. Generally this class can not be lost However the staff reserves the right to take it away for severe violations of the rules of the tracker.
Moderator This class can't be applied for. The staff will decide who deserves it.
Administrator This class can't be applied for. The staff will decide who deserves it.

How do I upload an avatar to my profile?
Chose the picture that you like and which adheres to the rules. Then upload it to a server, for example Photobucket, Upload-It! и ImageShack. Then just copy the direct URL address to the picture and put the link in the avatar field in your profile.


Most common reasons for the statistics not to update.
1) Cheating - this leads to "Ban"
2) The server is overloaded or down. Wait a a bit, everything will be updated again.
3) You are using a forbidden/bad torrent client.

Usefull advices.
1) If a certain torrent, which you are downloading / seeding is not showing in the torrent list of your profile, reload the page.
2) Make sure you have correctly shut down your torrent client and the tracker has recieved information/update for "event=completed".
3) If the server has stopped for some reason, just wait and the statistics will be updated automatically.

What torrent client should I use?
Whichever you prefer. For now there are no restricted/forbidden clients. We still strongly recommend avoiding avoiding the following clients:

• BitTorrent++,
• Nova Torrent,
• TorrentStorm.

These clients don't report correct statistics.
Also avoid using alfa or beta versions.

Why is, the torrent I am downloading / uploading, shown several times in my profile?
If for some reason, the torrent client stopped incorrectly (torrent client and / or computer restart), you will recieve new "peer_id", in which case the torrent will appear as new, because the server will never recieve information, that the torrent "is finished" or "stopped". Do not pay attention to that, everything will normalize automatically.

I stopped a torrent. Why is it still shown in my profile?
Sometimes the stopping is incorrect and the server does not recieve the infomation immediately, that the torrent was stopped. Do not pay attention to that, everything will update automatically after a while.

Why sometimes in my profile, there are torrents which I have never downloaded?
When you start downloading a torrent, the tracker recognizes you by your passkey . It is possible that someone has learned / stolen your passkey. In that case, change it immediately from your profile. Don't forget that after changing it you will need to download all the torrents again.

How can NAT / ICS affect my connection with the tracker?
In case you are using NAT you must select the ranges for your torrent clients on each of your computers and create NAT rules for them in your router. Details for those settings are not a subject or a problem of this tracker. Please contact the manufacturer of your router. The staff of the tracker is not responsible for errors associated with the operation of your NAT.

Uploading and seeding

Who can upload torrents on the tracker?
All users can upload torrents, regardless of their rank or ratio.

Can I upload torrents from this tracker in other trackers?
No, that is strictly forbidden.


I downloaded a movie, but I do not know what CAM/TS/TC/SCR means?
You can find the answer in this forum topic.

Why did a certain torrent dissapear?
There are two possible reasons for that:
(1) The torrent was in violation of the tracker rules.
(2) The staff has deleted the torrent due to one or more damaged files in it.
(3) The staff has deleted the torrent due to lack of seed.

Why does my download, sometimes stop at 99 %?
The torrent client has downloaded all the available parts and is searching for users with parts that are missing or damaged.

Why can't I download anything?
Maybe you are using a forbidden client. Also check the NAT section.